We are working with the Extreme Group to develop a two level Catamaran product to access reefs around the world.

Global Cats 

A fleet of world class catamarans on a voyage of oceanic exploration.  These mega flotels roam the globe searching for endless summers and open horizons. Custom designed to accommodate guests in spacious and luxurious surroundings, her clean decks hide the truth behind the amenities on board.  Each yacht carries a vast inventory of toys and equipment to suit the truly global nature of adventure A private chef creates five star masterpieces in the galley.  Full office and communication facilities allow work if absolutely necessary but can be followed by a dive, swim, workout in the gym and a relaxing Spa experience.

Reef Cats

Together with your best mates, your own Flotel is filled with kick ass toys, loaded with goodies and cleared for the coolest locations you can’t normally get to.  A hand picked crew who know the right spots and are inspirational to be with will guide you to the secret breaks, dive spots, flat water anchorages and party hang outs.  Once you arrive, all food and drinks are taken care of.  You don’t even need your flip flops.  The yachts are loaded with Ex drinks and if you forget something they even carry a range of Ex Raw State goodies to keep you going.