For those wanting see some return on their investment, chartering the yacht can make a lot of sense.

Introduction to Brokers

The most lucrative of the charter grounds is the Caribbean, where access to the strong US market is easy and a well managed yacht can return an income all year round. An area like the British Virgin Islands makes an excellent point of entry for a new yacht into the industry.

It is normal for a charter yacht to take 3 seasons to reach capacity for charter. 95% of bookings will come from Yacht Brokers, a group that are traditionally cautious with new boats and crews. It is normal for a booking to be taken a year in advance so the broker wants to be sure that the crew/yacht/owner will stand up to the test of time. For this reason they tend to favor long standing yachts and crew, who have proven them selves over the years, so you can see the importance of ‘serving ones time’.

The good news is that there is still a shortage of good charter catamarans, and few crews have served more time in charter than ourselves at Synergy Yachting. Based on our very credible reputations many brokers will be more than willing to commit to a new boat entering charter. Compound that with our ability to sniff out the perfect crew –and a perfect crew is one that has a spotless charter reputation- and you be able to see your yacht fast track into the charter business.

The biggest advantage is that we can be in the process of pre-selling charters while the yacht is still in construction so that when you finally arrive at your chosen charter destination you may already have a good amount of your season sold. We are experts at compiling the information needed for this process and the brokers trust what we have to say.

We will only make money if you do: If we book charters prior to your charter intro (usually BVI boat show in November) then we will charge 10%. Remember, these are charters you would not have normally sold. We will then reduce that to 1% of gross charter revenue for the first 12 months of charter.

That’s another headache taken care of…….. what else can we do for you today?

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