Having previously built  an 80 foot and currently a 115 foot catamarans, JFA Yachts is confirming its position as the semi-custom catamaran builder with Long Island 85 Catamaran design by Naval Architect Marc Lombard. 

JFA Long Island 85 Catamaran by Marc Lombard - Outside view

The office of Marc Lombard has put all of their 25 years of experience with cruising and racing catamarans into this new 85’ JFA Long Island 85 Catamaran. By her size and her freeboard, she is designed to sail far and in the greatest comfort, though probably without exceptional speed. The hulls and the bottom of the nacelle will be made of aluminum while the deck and superstructures will be made of composite. The desired goal is to build a multi-hull with its weight adapted to its navigation program.

JFA Long Island 85 Catamaran by Marc Lombard

This 85ft JFA Long Island Catamaran proposes an innovative interior for her size: one owner’s cabin with a panoramic view forward in the nacelle and direct access to the trampoline. The interior saloon offers a 360° view and is equipped with an inside helm station, living area and bar. In the starboard hull there is one guest cabin, a large office and the owner’s bathroom. In the port hull there is a second guest cabin, the galley and 2 crew cabins.


JFA - Long Island 85 - Saloon
JFA - Long Island 85 Catamaran - Master cabin

As shown here in the 3D illustrations of the JFA Long Island 85 Catamaran by Marc Lombard, the outside areas are vast. The technical installations are concentrated in the engine room. The luxury yacht will be equipped with a large tender (15’8”). A choice of layout options will be available for the Long Island 85’.

The first Long Island 85 megayacht, for an American owner, will have two crew cabins in the port-side hull, accompanied by one guest stateroom. A second guest stateroom will be in the starboard-side hull, along with an office and the owner’s bath. The rest of the owner’s suite, with wood soles, will lie on the main deck, with a welcome feature: access to alfresco space forward. There, as the illustration below shows, a dining space, sunning space, and the ubiquitous trampoline await.

Our thoughts:

We notice that Marc has moved away from the trademark extended nacelle seen on all Privilege cats he has designed in the past. There is, however, just enough to bolt down a baby stay to give the rig and yacht the stiffness we have always appreciated on various Privilege cats in rough seas over the years.

We’re happy to see very small areas of window exposed to the sun to keep generator consumption via the Air Con down. Shame about the lack of provision (at this stage anyway) for solar panels or vertical access wind generators. We’ve made this point over and over again, but when you have a shiny high sided yacht designed to world cruise there are many fuel docks you just don’t want to tie up to! Get the longest distance between fill ups possible.

With a US owner who will no doubt spend a lot of time in the caribbean, it’s nice to see the dining area on the port side. How many times have we ‘cooked’ eating lunch sitting at anchor in an easterly trade wind

We can only guess the boat is intended to have in boom furling as the boom is quite high to keep it really perpendicular with the boom. Poor crew have a long way to fall when it goes wrong in a big sea. And if history repeats itself, it will.

JFA Long Island 85 Catamaran by Marc Lombard - Front deck

Length over all: 26.25 m –
Length water line: 25.07 m –
Beam : 11.93 m –
Draft: 2.5 m –
Sail area: 360 m ²-
Displacement max: 70 T –
Propulsion: 2x 380 Hp