A good crew for your yacht. How do you find them?

How we help you find good crew.

A good crew for your yacht. How do you find them? How can you trust them with your pride and joy? How do you know they are doing a good job when they are thousands of miles away?

We have established an ongoing list of crews who already have substantial experience on catamarans. We don’t select crews from CVs that are blindly sent to us, but know these as individuals from working beside them in the industry. We have seen them aboard other owners boats, how they operate and maintain them all the way through to how well they dock the yacht, and then how they relax on them. We’re afraid that an interview will only tell you so much….

This is what we do and as a result, crews come to us when they want to move on -we are a focal point of the crewed catamaran network and hold a constantly updating list of experienced catamaran crew.

It is usual for city based crew agencies to charge 2 months salary when placing crew. Good money for a simple service of just providing paperwork. We approach things a little differently. Not only do we halve this cost we do a little more for it. We will provide you with a selection of crew that we will guarantee to do the job that you are paying them for, and more!

Simply put, we will source replacement crew for no charge if there is a need within the first 3 months of crew contract. We will also make sure your boat is never unattended during this transition time. We guarantee that any crew we suggest is completely up to the job, not just on paper, but also by testimony of us or one of our associates.

So that’s one headache simplified….. what else can we do for you today?