Marketing a charter yacht

In the first place the exact content will determine whether or not a broker will hand out a brochure to clients, and there are many innocent pitfalls that could stop this occurring. 80% of business will come from a broker –it pays to work with them!

Websites need to be not only a great way to attract direct business, but also need a dual purpose of providing the electronic information that a charter broker needs. We can point an owner in the right direction of sites that work from both angles. Furthermore we will be happy to provide a one stop web service if it is needed.

Once your material is in front of a client it clearly has to sell your yacht above all the others he or she are viewing. The features or phrases that capture their imagination are not always obvious and may vary according to  charter region and client nationality. We can produce market sensitive materials that will repeatedly find their way to the top of the pile.

The best brochures and web sites require the best photos in the best locations. We have seen too many yachts try and do this in house resulting in lost business. Average quality photos will make your pride and joy look, well, average. Let us handle your photos and your yacht will put others in the shade.

In our digital world, nothing sells a yacht better or is easier to get to a client than video. Whether it is by web movie or cinema quality DVD, it is a must and can be surprisingly cost effective. We have more experience that anyone at putting charter cats on film and also have a wealth of stock footage and photographs at your disposal (ie scuba, watersports etc etc).

As there are many variations in output, costs relating to each client will be addressed individually. Consultancy at £35/$60 per hour.