Here’s what Sunreef say:

‘In 2010 Sunreef Yachts has launched a new range of performing fast cruisers ranging from 70 to 170 feet. The shipyard is now introducing a new addition to this range – a sophisticated design for an ultra-modern, high-performance sailing catamaran, the Sunreef 75 Ultimate. It is the proud successor to the Sunreef 80 Ultimate, which has provided the basis for further upgrades and improvements resulting in the creation of the 75 footer. Renowned for its innovative projects, Sunreef explores the worlds of sport, powerful emotions and adventure.

The Sunreef 75 Ultimate carbon fibre yacht has thin and sleek marine hulls with a reversed bow and integrated stepped hull chins, essential for the yacht’s high performance. The superstructure will be shorter and more minimalist than on conventional leisure catamarans, which will add to the boat’s lightweight and streamlined look. The flybridge is beautifully integrated in the superstructure and will be large enough to feature the main helm station and relaxation area. Both hulls will be covered with uncut teak and the forward section of the superstructure will be covered with glass panels, making the vessel luminous and providing the guests with breathtaking views.

The hulls and back section of the superstructure will be left pure white and thus create a trendy modern balance with black and white colours. An additional option for the hull are solar panels, providing the yacht with natural solar energy that can be connected to the water heating system. Two vertical retractable wind generators will also be installed on each hull. The mast will be moved back to the centre of the boat helping to achieve the optimal balance, thus creating the ultimate navigation comfort. The sail plan is calculated to reach top speeds of 20+ knots. Internal space will depend on the Client’s preferences, following Sunreef’s custom finish philosophy.’

We say:

The Ultimate line demonstrates the development in design offered by Sunreef over the years. While always stylish looking and well priced at first we have come across a number of issues especially with older boats -aluminium construction on boats under 100 foot will always be questionable. Also layouts caused a lack of crew willing to work on more recent boats even though many go into charter.  Problems too with running costs and limited performance have been well highlighted.  The move demonstrated by the 75 perhaps really shows a commitment to building (or at least drawing) a boat with performance as well as style, but also one that offers some green credentials. Pop up wind generators (or probably drop-in vertical axis units when we get down to it), diesel electric propulsion and solar panels are top of the wish list. Interestingly the green department have missed the specification of ‘uncut teak’ covering both hulls. I’d probably also question yards of black glass and deck hatches that will really pull on the air con systems once in the middle latitudes.

All being said, what a great concept. We applaud this bold line of catamarans and hope Sunreef soon find the buyers they deserve.