We quite often get asked to stay under the radar and we love to share so again, this one stays under wraps.  We can offer some teasers though…. 70ft, Timber construction, light and stiff like a Gunboat.  We are working with one of the worlds most renowned classic yacht builders to create a masterpiece of a catamaran.  Over the next two years we will be project managing this unique build.  The owner has asked for us to create the “Bentley of the Seas”.  Sculpted teak coachroof, hidden tender, 20kt performance, flush deck.  Think of the classic 50s imagery associated with the Italian lakes and the ionic boats created by craftsmen of Riva.  Now give that to image to the design rooms at Aston Martin and you should have some idea of what we are aiming at.  It should be a great journey for us, and a great blue water journey for the owner.